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Recent Webinar

How AI Is Reshaping Innovation
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Our Guest Speaker:

   • Maddie Bell, co-founder of Scheduler AI

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar featuring Maddie Bell, co-founder of Scheduler AI, as she explores the profound impact of AI on innovation within the business world. While Scheduler AI is her brainchild, this session will broaden the conversation to showcase how AI tools, including Scheduler AI, are catalyzing innovation across various industries.

Webinar Highlights: Maddie Bell will share real-world examples of companies leveraging AI to disrupt traditional business models, spark creativity, and drive transformative change.

This session will emphasize:

  • How AI transcends scheduling and is a driving force behind innovation
  • It’s impact on product development, customer engagement, decision-making, and more

Learn how to strategically integrate AI into your innovation initiatives

Information, Innovation and Leadership
Every Second Month – 1 hour

About the Show

The “BITS & BYTES, Drilling for Innovation” webinar series is an inclusive platform for the mining community to view the world through the lens of diverse people and advancing sectors from all around the world.

We host challenging thought leaders, invite experts from fast developing technology sectors and drill down into the realm of adoption.

In a signature style, Nathan Stubina, Cheryl Hart and Jan Smit bring unique viewpoints and live interactive conversations, providing the mining community a vision for the next wave of  possibilities.