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Beyond “vendors”

Getting to collaborative innovation results faster and with less risk.

Speaker: Andy Reynolds, President of Inspire Resources Inc.

Andy Reynolds discusses how current engineering methods and leadership practices are keeping us in the slow lane.

Today’s innovation challenges are inherently complex, and the answers can rarely all be found within one company. And yet, when we choose “buy” over “make”, we find ourselves lumped in to a procurement function that pits customer against supplier in a contest of market power; it is not optimized for partnerships that can solve problems together. Today, hybrid models between “make” and “buy” are showing up as repeatable methodologies, and we are learning about the critical success factors of partnerships and ecosystems. To unlock these new benefits of collaborative innovation, we must upgrade both our engineering methods and our leadership practices. If we don’t, we will find ourselves in the slow lane. And that will matter – even, one day, in mining.

Andy Reynolds helps mining companies with the commercial and leadership challenges of innovation partnerships, particularly with equipment suppliers. He is also President of Inspire Resources Inc., a Canadian start-up company he co-founded to re-imagine mining as a social enterprise business model. Andy’s experience includes almost a decade managing resource sector research and development in Canadian government labs, following a 23 year career as a marine engineer officer in the UK’s Royal Navy.