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Recorded Webinar

How AI Is Reshaping Innovation

Beneath the Surface: How AI Is Reshaping Innovation

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar featuring Maddie Bell, co-founder of Scheduler AI, as she explores the profound impact of AI on innovation within the business world. While Scheduler AI is her brainchild, this session will broaden the conversation to showcase how AI tools, including Scheduler AI, are catalyzing innovation across various industries.

Deepen Your Carbon Credit Knowledge

Join our LIVE webinar to learn from industry leader Lisa DeMarco, CEO of Resilient, about the role carbon finance can play in achieving a sustainable future. Discover the different types of carbon credits, how they are generated and the benefits and challenges of insetting and offsetting.

Community Change In The Electric Vehicle Industry Era

Community Change In The Electric Vehicle Industry Era

We are joined by former chief and member of the Missanabie Cree First Nation Glenn Nolan to discuss how the need for critical minerals and shift to localization of an EV future will test the strength of communities and teams in mine development.

Pitfalls of being too optimistic

Our Speaker – Dr. Emily Moore,
Director of the Troost Institute for Leadership
Education in Engineering (ILead) at the University of Toronto.
Named 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining. Professional engineer from Queen’s University,
named a Rhodes Scholar and completed her doctorate at Oxford University in Physical Chemistry.
She holds 21 patents and was elected a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering in 2021.
She serves as a board member of Metrolinx, Chemtrade Logistics and International Petroleum

The Future of Safety

Industrial challenges and solutions using AI for improving safety and automating processes.

Speaker: Monish Gandhi – CEO of Gradient Ascent

Monish and his team at Gradient Ascent have a proven track record of delivering 40+ AI projects within a variety of organizations. One of their solutions, Greeter.AI, is used by many industrial companies and hospitals to improve health and safety compliance. 

Monish developed this deep passion for health and safety during his role as a community builder at Intelex, a leading HSEQ software-maker. His focus on end-users and design combined with innovative AI technologies has helped organizations solve a diverse pool of challenges from improving safety to forecasting customer demand to automating processes.

Google in Mining

Our Speaker: Trinity Lloyd,
Energy Transition and Sustainability Specialist, Google Cloud

Trinity has 20 years of experience in various roles at top technology companies such as Dell, EMC, Cisco, Rackspace and VMware where she led Cloud Management teams for the Eastern US and Canada.

Trinity joined Google Cloud as a customer advocate for Energy Transition. She is responsible for aligning the vast inventory of digital sustainability solutions and operating principles with the ESG initiatives organizations are facing today.

Sourcing Business Innovations AI-powered employee-centric Health & Safety Solutions Let’s Talk Speaker: Monish Gandhi, CEO of Gradient AscentMonish and his team at Gradient Ascent have a proven track… Read More »Sourcing Business Innovations