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Disruptive mentorships for real change

Speaker: Michele Ashby, CEO & Founder of ACE LLC, Ashby Consulting Enterprises LLC.

Michele joins us to discuss true facts about diversity, requirements in the corporate boardroom and offers her perspective on mentorships that have an impact.

Ms. Ashby’s focus is on educating, supporting and teaching women how to attain corporate board positions through her unique program, ACE Board Certification for Women. 

She has a diverse background which includes 30 years as a gold specialist/analyst, financial expert, independent corporate director and successful entrepreneur. 

She was awarded, one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business in Colorado for 2019 by Colorado Chamber of Commerce for Women, for her work in training 1,000 women to get on corporate boards.

She founded Dani’s Foundation, a non-profit organization, in memory of her daughter, Dani Stell.

Sorry, full session recording is not available.